The Fear Factor


All of us experience fear at some point in our lives. Fear of the unknown. Fear of loss. Fear of success, even. It’s a complicated relationship and one that throughout our lives we come face to face with whether we want to or not. What we resist persists and our deepest fears need to come […]

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The Value of a Good Teacher


In recent years, I have been reunited with my high school art teacher. He’s a dashing, eloquent and pragmatic 91 year old. His name is Michael Hemming. I took double blocks of art from him during my high school years and couldn’t get enough of his art history classes. They often included lengthy slide shows […]

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Beginning Again


This past year I completed a mentorship program with artist and teacher, Nicholas Wilton. It was during the latter part of 2013 that I found myself adrift and decided that I needed to shake things up. This is the first part of the story of how I found myself again…..through my art practice. Why I […]

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Diving In


Welcome to my blog…those are words I never thought I’d hear myself saying. You see, I’m not a writer. I’m an artist and my preferred communication is through paint, charcoal and anything else that makes a mark. So, why am I here and why am I starting along this path of sharing in this way […]

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