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Welcome to my blog…those are words I never thought I’d hear myself saying. You see, I’m not a writer. I’m an artist and my preferred communication is through paint, charcoal and anything else that makes a mark. So, why am I here and why am I starting along this path of sharing in this way with you? Good Question.

Well this past year, I’ve been challenging myself to take risks, to do things that make me uncomfortable, to grow and push up against what I believe I am capable of. It’s not easy work, but it’s rewarding in surprising ways. “There is strength in being seen”….is a quote I read somewhere that sums it up, nicely.

If you’re anything like me, privacy has always been more comfortable than exposing my creative expression to the world. I believe mostly because it feels safer not to and safety has it’s rewards also. But, I’ve come to realize that it doesn’t allow for much more to arrive in my life, to expand my perceptions, so I stay the same and I don’t really grow. And, I’m interested in growth, change and how that shapes us. This has always been a focus in my painting, and through my work I’ve witnessed myself evolve as a result of the shifts I’ve made in my art. It’s as if I am seeing parts of myself that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to…so it’s been a revelation at times. Frightening, often.

So, now in this connected world that we live in, I feel like it’s time to open up and engage more deeply with you. Because I believe we are more alike than we know and that through risking, opening and being vulnerable we can create a forum for that sharing to be explored. Maybe it will help you in someway….I’m certain it will help me.

The intention of this blog is to be about the inner workings of being a ‘creative’, a right-brained thinker, an art maker. I’ll share about my process with making my art – the challenges, the triumphs, the surprises and everything else that goes with the territory. It will, of course, be from my perspective…and may seem a little like navel gazing at times. But, I know no other way to be real than to talk honestly, and from my heart, about my experience and my life as an artist.

I welcome you to share with me as much, or as little as you like….I’d love to hear what comes up for you in response to something I’ve offered here. Consider it an invitation to be seen yourself….we’ll do it together. And, I know many of you are already doing that…and you’re inspiring to me!

In my next post, I’ll share with you my experience with a Mentorship program I took this past year. It, in large part, is why I am writing these words today. I have such gratitude for all the gifts I received from the work I did with Nicholas Wilton and the mentorship community. It has been transformational for me.

Thank you for reading and joining me here….if you know someone that you think might like to share in this exchange, please share this blog post with them and let’s start building community together.

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  • Kristina Commented On November 16, 2014

    Cheryl, I look forward to following your blog and learning more about your process. I think your work is beautiful. The oil on mylar has such a soft, dreamlike feeling. How lucky for you to have been a part of Nicholas Wilton’s Mentorship Program. It is a program I would love to do that one of these days. I need to spend more time creating before investing in the program however. Keep up the good work!

    • cheryltaves Commented On November 17, 2014

      Thank you so much for your comment, Kristina. Nick’s program is really wonderful. I do hope you get an opportunity to work with him, if you haven’t already. He’s a great teacher and his ‘Art Life’ workshops are really good as well. I look forward to sharing more with you in the future. Thanks, again for your kind words for my work!

  • Kevin Ghiglione Commented On December 4, 2014

    Hello Cheryl,

    I loved your work before the mentorship program and I am excited to see how it modifies and develops your work over time. With this past year of thinking, looking, modifying – you are loaded and ready! I am so excited for you! Going through your website just now… I am again impressed with how you, the artist, can be identified throughout all the different media. Great work.

    Here’s to 2015!



    • cheryltaves Commented On December 4, 2014

      Thanks for your comment, Kevin…it means a lot to have another artist, like yourself, see the links within my work. I am loaded and feeling ready to launch….with the support of the community that I’ve built around myself, and good friends like you!

  • Chiarina Loggia Commented On December 17, 2014

    Welcome to the blogosphere, Cheryl! Great beginning, I look forward to reading more and seeing more of where the mentorship has taken your work. I have felt for a long time that my art is not only a form of self expression but a form of communication that feeds that self exploration and expression. And this communication that is like no other enriches us all. It’s a lovely and essential circle of creativity and growth. Enjoying being in your circle.

    • cheryltaves Commented On December 17, 2014

      Chiarina, what a wonderful welcome note…thank you! I’m glad to have you in my circle and have always appreciated all the ways in which you have shared your beautiful work with the world. You are a gifted writer, as well as a gifted artist….and I only hope to be able to express myself as eloquently as you are able to.

      During the mentorship program we talked a lot about the benefits of artists writing about their process and their work….how it does inform and fuel their expression of that work. Up until now, I’ve always done this privately through my journals…and, yet, there is something more powerful in the act of speaking about it openly with others. As you say, enriching each other through it. Thank you for supporting me in this new beginning.

  • Michael Herman Commented On December 17, 2014

    Hello Cheryl, the above Kevin is my best friend and portal to Nicholas Wilton.
    I’m an emerging glass artist, glass is my current media, probably the most challenging technically of them all. There is definitely a ‘Wilton School’ that is becoming almost ubiquitous.
    Sorry this type is too small for me to see. Anyways i love your work and all the best in 2015.
    I’m signing up for your newsletter. Michael Herman

    • cheryltaves Commented On December 17, 2014

      Hello Michael…nice to meet you. Thank you for taking the time to comment on this post and tell me about your connection to Kevin. Glass is certainly a challenging medium and your work is bold, colourful and full of life. Do you know my friend Martha Pfanschmidt? She is a glass artist that works and shows in Portland also.

      All the best to you as well!

  • Trish Shwart Commented On December 17, 2014

    Cheryl, I wondered how this year had been and it sounds like it was amazing. I feel lucky to be able to read about it and maybe even see images that came about during it, in the coming posts.

    • cheryltaves Commented On December 17, 2014

      Thanks, Trish…appreciate your support and interest. After all the focus and work I did during the mentorship, I’m finding that the integration is happening more fully now. So, I think the work that will be coming over the next few months will really reflect the shifts. It’s an interesting process to go through…and challenging to fully articulate, but I’ll do my best in the next few posts….thanks for being here!

  • Laurie Keating Commented On December 19, 2014

    Hi Cheryl. Although we don’t see each other very often, if ever (!!), I still enjoy receiving your newsletters and seeing what you’re up to in your artwork.
    I’m not an artist myself, but I do create a lot of objects in my shop from wood and/or metal. I believe there is a common thread across the boundaries for the creative process. I find it starts with an idea, growing that idea and finally expressing it in the real world. I’m going to be very interested in seeing how the “artistic” creative process compares to the “craftsman” creative process!!
    Congratulations on your blog and I look forward to reading it in the future. And a Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you and Keith for 2015.

    • cheryltaves Commented On December 20, 2014

      Hi Laurie! Yes, it has been a very long time since we’ve crossed paths…so good of you to post a comment here and offer your support. I absolutely agree with you about there being a common thread through the creative process. Whether it is painting, music, woodworking or writing…the creative work is the same in so many ways, and yet, unique to each artist or artisan. Many artists begin with an idea and firm direction in their work and others, like myself, prefer to not have any idea of a plan, but rather follow the lead of the process. Each has merit and each gives the artist a way into their work and informs the direct it takes.

      I’ll do my best to expand on some of these ideas within future posts. It’s a topic that I find endlessly fascinating. I’m sure we’ll see the threads.

      All the best to you and Janet for the coming year!

  • Ruth Andre Commented On December 27, 2014

    Love your work and it is good to see your first blog post. I would like to add it to my blog links list.

    • cheryltaves Commented On December 30, 2014

      Thank you for your kind words for my work, Ruth…a new blog post should be out soon!

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